For some ages Africa has become the most popular continent in tourism, where it offers classic recreation, hospitality and natural attraction place for visitors. Hopefully, this website will offer you the breadth of opportunities that await you at our company.

African Rhino Adventure is recognized as a centre of Africa in exploring tourism sites in Sub Saharan region and global at large. The company has its uniqueness that aims to provide strong professional orientation with recreation depth in tourism arena, focusing on excellence as well as touristic satisfaction. Our areas of expertise among others include; mountain creek, wildlife safaris, Masai & Hadzabe Bushmen cultures, honeymoon and holiday stay, plane tour, beach events and Africa historical sites. Therefore, in African Rhino, tourists acquire distinguished packages in their chosen disciplines of tourism attraction with affordability.

The tourists are increasingly expected to become ambassadors of Africa beauty across boundaries and cultures. African Rhino provides opportunities to explore sites in an affordable way by granting Luxury safari, Standard safari, and budget safari. We are proud of ourselves in the international mix of tourism in our area of specialization.

African Rhino offers not only unique tour services with excellent hospitality but also open doors of consultancy for tour operator companies to move along with changing environment of tourism industry.

African Rhino brings you to discover your true speciality to enjoy whatever the nature holds. You will be amazed by incredible creatures, cultures and site as our expertise hold your hand to the journey of your dream.

Karibu Africa!!

Thank you.

M.E Isaac