Giraffes Have Blue Tongues

Giraffes Have Blue Tongues

10 Weird and Wonderful Facts About African Animals



Already a bizarre-looking creature, the giraffe’s strange appearance is compounded by the color of its tongue. There is a reason for its blue-black hue, however. Giraffes use their tongues to strip leaves from the tallest trees, and the high melanin content helps to prevent them from getting sunburned. This is just one of the giraffe’s many special adaptations. Blood is pumped up their famously long necks by a uniquely powerful system of valves and veins. When the giraffe lowers its head to drink, the same system prevents the blood from rushing downwards and causing a sudden loss of consciousness. Amazingly, when female giraffes give birth the baby drops some six feet to the ground – but is able to stand up, walk and even run shortly afterwards.

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