Ostriches Can Sprint Over 45 Miles an Hour

Ostriches Can Sprint Over 45 Miles an Hour

10 Weird and Wonderful Facts About African Animals
As well as being the largest bird on Earth, the ostrich is also the fastest two-legged runner in the Animal Kingdom. On average, ostriches can sprint at speeds of up to 45 mph/ 72 kmph, while records show that the fastest ostriches can achieve short bursts of up to 60 mph/ 96.6 kmph. They are also the world’s strongest bird. An ostrich can easily support the weight of a man, and their enormous eggs are capable of withstanding great pressure. In some areas of Africa, ostriches are used for racing. You can experience this for yourself when “African rhino adventure” will take you to their habitats. Be careful though – ostriches have famously volatile temperaments, and are capable of inflicting serious damage. An ostrich can easily kick a grown man to death – an ability often used on predators in the wild.

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